St Marys Nursery School

Health Matters

When your child starts nursery they will mix with a large group of children. As a result they will come into contact with a wide variety of illnesses and infections. Some children appear to catch infection after infection while others never seem to get ill at all. From the nursery point of view we would like to stress the following:

Your child should not be sent to nursery if they have either sickness or diarrhoea, and they should have 48 hours clear before they return.

Sending an unwell child to nursery increases the risk of others catching their illness.

If your child is unwell, please inform the school before 9.30am.


Healthy Eating

At St. Mary’s we encourage the children to eat a healthy diet by providing various fresh fruit and vegetables, yoghurts, oatcakes, cheese, etc. Drinks of milk and water are provided.
As well as our healthy eating policy, we also have a teeth brushing policy. Parents will be asked to sign consent letters allowing their child to participate in the programme which is part of the daily nursery routine.